The Palmetto Battalion

The Civil War
Reenactors Organizaton
of South Carolina

Our newsletter, The Vinicator, is available for reading online.  Click here to see it, and past issues.  With social media becoming more the standard for people to communicate - God forbid we pick up the phone and actually talk to someone - a lot of information is available on our Facebook page.  Click here to go there.

Thompson's Creek is on for November 11th & 12th.  A $10 fee is being asked for to cover expenses.  The location is about an hour north of Cheraw, just across the SC/NC state line.  I think these maps show the way.   According to the Colonel,

  • The porta johns have been ordered.

  • One food vendor is lined up.

  • At least one sutler due to cancellation of a Nashville event.

  • Hay and 2 water buffalos are arranged.

  • 3 cords of oak firewood were delivered on Saturday. 6 downed trees on site to be cut soon.

  • Campaign & garrison camping in cleared shaded area. Civilian camping area & modern camping area.

We haven't been in the field together in a good while.  Let's go up here, drill a little, do some battle, sit around the fire with a cigar and tell stories about our pards.  If interested, send your name and rank to the Colonel at  See the Battalion Facebook page for more info. 

It looks like everything is in order for the Battle of Aiken on February 24th & 25th.  Expecting troops from NC, TN, GA, & ALA (& possibly FLA & VA). We are command battalion. Sutlers lined up. Porta jons & hay ordered. Firewood cutting & road improvements through camping area underway. No inclement weather scheduled.  (Rev. Short handling this.)  School day on Friday, two Saturday battles & one on Sunday.

Artillery bounty offered. Need artillery for Friday School Day.
No fee for those pre-registered by 01/5/17.
Col. Summers is overall commander.
Col. Terry is artillery coordinator.
Col. Gregory is cavalry coordinator.
Rev. Short handling Divine Service on Sunday.
New for this year $20 powder bounty offered to 1st 50 infantrymen participating in Friday skirmish during school day.

See their website for more.

The Columns event is scheduled this year for the 4th weekend in March.  The 24th and 25th is the weekend before Easter.  That leaves a gracious amount of time between The Columns and Aiken/Broxton's, and two weeks before Cheraw.  The Saturday evening meal is back this year.  I think we have Stan Claridy playing the ball.  There's going to be a tactical on Saturday.  And there's going to be a $200 bounty for Federal units that can put 20 rifles on the field.   At least one of those has to be from out of state.  See their website or Facebook page for more.