Drill Handouts

In the past, the Palmetto Battalion used the North Carolina drill manual.  The last copies I saw for sale were at the School Of The Soldier conducted by General Smart at Sesquicentennial State Park.  That had to be close to 10 years ago.  There is talk and some progress towards having them reprinted.  Meanwhile, we're relying on Hardee's 1862 Rifle & Light Infantry Tactics.  The handouts below are what I've come up with after considerable time pondering what language General Hardee really spoke.  Although I try to stay as close to the book as possible, some maneuvers are "embelished" so they will work within our community of reenactors.   In plainer English (something Hardee should have tried) it would work much better to have 9 companies each with 95 men.

If you see something that you think I've interpreted incorrectly, send me a note and your reference from the manual.

Guides & Dress Change Front Forward On First Company
Parade Change Front Forward On Last Company
By Company Into Line Change Front To Rear On First Company
Forward Into Line Change Front To Rear On Last Company
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