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2018 Event

To maintain Battalion voting priviledges, a member must attend three events.  Two of the events must be affiliated, the third may be an "other".  The affiliated events are shown in blue.

If you know of any changes, please send a note to the webmaster.


Feb 24-25 Battle For Aiken - Aiken, SC Info Map
Mar 3-4 Broxton's Bridge - Earhardt, SC Info Map
Mar 24-25 The Columns - Florence, SC Info Map
Apr 7-8 Cheraw - Cheraw, SC Info Map
May 5 Confederate Memorial Day - Columbia, SC Info Map
May 19-20 Battle Of Resaca Info Map
July 5-8 155th Gettysburg - Redding Farm, PA Info Map
Nov 3-4 Brattonsville - McConnells, SC Info Map
Jan 19, 2019 Annual Meeting - Columbia, SC

Max effort events will be Confederate Memorial Day, Resaca, Gettysburg, and the Annual Meeting in Columbia.